Be Proud to be You

Too many people are not proud to be themselves, myself included. I have spend most of my life trying to fit myself into society’s expectations of me. However, I have come to an important realisation. I don’t have to fit around society, and neither does anyone else. People make society, it should not make us. The time has come to fight for individuality and the right and freedom to be ourselves.

With that comes the battle for equality. A lot of the time, it seems that unless you are a white male with a high income, you’re inferior. Homosexuals, bisexual, ftms etc and ethnic minorities are still discriminated against, women are still forced to conform to a stereotype, not helped by the media’s degradation of them. I am only one among many who sees the extreme injustice in this fact and who intends to fight for a better world. But for everyone who campaigns for equal treatment, there is someone sitting ignorantly refusing to accept change or who is scared to fight for it. The battle for a society in which everyone is equal and free is one which must be undergone by everyone in order for it to be won.

This blog is dedicated to the campaign for equality, freedom and justice, and the ending of low self esteem and the feeling of inferiority that so many battle. I only hope I can make a difference.



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