Cheese Sandwiches

There is nothing which enrages me in quite the same way as men who treat their wives as servants. ‘Fetch me this’ they say, ‘I want that’. It reminds me of a small child, harassing his or her mum for every little whim. The difference is that toddlers are frequently incapable of doing many things for themselves. Men are not. Grown men are more than able to make their own sandwiches, fetch their own glasses and see to their own well being. Many man carry out these tasks by themselves. But the ones who don’t… Oh they fill me with overwhelming anger. It’s a live demonstration of men acting on the feeling of superiority which has been subliminally and sometimes actively instilled in them since birth. It may be small, but this action, of controlling your wife, speaks volumes. It represents the inequality which has lasted centuries and without action will continue to exist.

Don’t get me wrong – I know women can also be demanding, controlling, lazy. But the simple truth is that as much as this is a problem existing in both sexes, men are disproportionately represented amongst those guilty. In addition – and this could be called sexist, please forgive me if it is – there is just something a little scarier about it when men start to issue commands. Being usually physically bigger and naturally stronger (genetics, nothing more) a woman has more to fear than a man would if she disobeys or refuses to be taken advantage of. A man can do a lot more damage and command far more fear than women can or care to, generally. Men have far less risk of retribution from a bossy wife, generally. However I do acknowledge that there are exceptions to this rule and not all men treat their wives as servants.

Some wives chose to heed a husband’s every whim. This is their way of showing love and it is a choice. And I respect that. As long as women have a choice, then I can not find fault. What I do not like is a lack of choice. When women who desire to be treated as equals and do not wish to be their husband’s slaves. Women should be allowed to chose their own lifestyle rather than be obligated to adopt one as a result of marriage. Choice is essential to equality and once again, a man controlling his wife represents the inequality embedded in society. The injustice of situations like these are actually painful.

Rage, anger, frustration… My own feelings must only be the tip of the iceberg compared to those of women (and men) who suffer a controlling partner. It is for these people that the fight for equality must continue and it is for these people that victory is essential.



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