Despite the ‘alleyway’ page being taken down by Facebook last week, it has now stated that controversial postings may remain if administrators add a tag stating they are humorous or satirical.

As the founder of the WVoN UK campaignContinue Reading

Personally I am appalled by the fact that Facebook  allows pages making facetious remarks about rape to remain open if thy are under a ‘humorous’ tag.  When are people going to get it?! Rape is NOT a joke.  There is no funny side.  A sick side? Sure. A sadistic, inhuman, illegal side? Definitely.  But there is no humor. Can anyone explain to me how making jokes about a person being forced to have sex, to be at their most vulnerable with a stranger, against their will? To be infiltrated in the most terrible way? Because I truly do not see why anyone would choose to make light of that. I know this is a slightly older story but I just read this article and I felt I had to share it.



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