Kony 2012


A campaign which went viral virtually overnight, Kony 2012 has certainly inspired a great deal of hype, and just as much controversy. Anyone got any thoughts on this?


2 thoughts on “Kony 2012

  1. I just wrote a post about it, actually! I think that it’s just the latest charity fad. Many governments were already working on the issue prior to 2012, thus showing that this increased “awareness” really isn’t affecting change.

    • I would tend to agree with you. I’m pretty sure a lot of people who claim to be die-hard supporters of the cause, as a result of that video, haven’t really looked into the issue in any depth. While I think its great that we have the ability to raise such a great amount of awareness about any issue, and obviously I want the ‘invisible children’ to be rescued and supported, the charity itself seems just a little bit dodgy, especially when it comes to the people its actually funding….


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