Why should women be paid …

Why should women be paid equal to men? Men have been in the working world a lot longer and deserve to be paid at a higher rate. Heck, I’m a working mom and I’m not paid a dime. I depend on my husband to provide for me and my family, as should most women… and if a woman does work, she should be happy just to be out there in the working world and quit complaining that she’s not making as much as her male counterparts. I mean really, all this wanting to be equal nonsense is going to be detrimental to the future of women everywhere. Who’s going to want to hire a woman, or for that matter, even marry a woman who thinks she is the same, if not better than a man at any job. It’s almost laughable. C’mon now ladies, are you with me on this?

Ann Romney, wife of potential USA President, Mitt Romney

I think its fair to say that the majority of women, and in fact, people, are not ‘with her’.  I genuinely do not understand how someone could publicly express the fact that they don’t believe in equality for women.  Especially when that someone is a prominent figure in an election that the majority of the global population is focused and has the power to influence a great many people.  I think this statement is just obscene.  It is a total disregard for centuries’ worth of women struggling to fight for their rights, to gain the equal treatment and respect they deserve, a feat which has yet to be accomplished.  Think of all the women that fought for the vote, for an equal pay act, to go to university, and this woman has decided she can completely ignore all of that effort, everything that we women have inherited from the generations before us and the fight that we must take on to reach their goal.  It appears to be meaningless to her.  This for me is just an example of how regressive the Republicans are.  This woman, closely associated with a representative of that party, is openly encouraging people to go back in time. I know that Mrs Romney is entitled to her own opinion, but I just feel that some opinions shouldn’t be broadcast on such a large scale, especially when those opinions are so disrespectful.  I think its even worse that this statement came from a woman. Its one thing for a man to put women down. Obviously its wrong, but we can argue that he’s never seen life from a woman’s perspective, that obviously he is biased towards his own gender. We have more ground on which to fight back. With a woman, its just a betrayal.


4 thoughts on “Why should women be paid …

  1. The irony is that she’s almost onto something here (by accident)

    Let’s be crazy for a moment and imagine a world consisting entirely of heterosexual couples (for simplicity’s sake) where women didn’t get paid anything for being at work. In that world men would inevitably end up getting paid enough to support the whole family. The state could not justify raising taxes on that man’s earnings to the point where he can no longer provide for his entire family – after all he’s the only breadwinner as the woman can’t earn any money.

    This was pretty much WAS the situation up until the 70’s. I mean, a man really could support a family on his earnings alone.

    And as we know women’s lib came along and women flooded into the workplace …… and now these days a man typically can NOT support his family on his earnings alone. But hang on a minute, a couple who are both in work should be earning up to twice as much as when only the man was working. And so if the man could already support the whole family, women’s earnings should be ‘extra’ on top of that.

    Yet these days it’s typical for the man and the woman to both need to earn a wage just to pay the bills and put food on the table, especially if there are children to provide for too.

    Now let’s compare that to the crazy scenario where a woman works for no money. In that scenario she can work or she can stay at home and do the housework (and have a lie down if she wants!) or if there is a child she can … drum roll…… stay at home and look after HER CHILD as a full time mother. (Of course ‘full time mother’ really just means ‘mother’). In every scenario she earns no money. But this means the state can’t justify taxing the man any more so the household still gets the equivalent of two salaries (by today’s standards) from the man – in other words enough for them all to live on.

    Only when she wins the right to get paid for working can the state start to raise taxes on everyone’s incomes and get away with it. And this is exactly what DID happen when women entered the workplace and started earning a wage. The state raised taxes to compensate.

    And now these days women are typically FORCED to work, along with the man – even when they have small children.

    The result is children get put into day care and into schools at an earlier age and are brought up by strangers…. are brought up by the state! (and by MTV, and by Disney and by Nintendo).

    And this, ladies and gentlemen was the plan all along.

    Instead of being forced to stay at home and do the housework and raise her own children today’s post feminism women are forced to work for some shitty boss, do the housework in the evening and put her child into daycare all day.

    This has nothing to do with women’s rights being a bad idea, it is just that the whole feminist movement got hijacked and twisted. Women’s desire to work got exploited. The tragedy is that now it is the children who are suffering the most 😦

    • When I first briefly skim-read this comment, I picked out a few key words and then got ready to write a scathing comment in return. However, having read it properly, I now realise that abandonculture does have a point. While obviously I support a woman’s right to receive equal pay, it does seem rather tragic that by fighting for their rights, women have inadvertently given governments another stick to beat them with. The idea behind feminism, at least for me, is giving women the right to choose. This is a right, which as the above comment suggested, appears to have been repealed, seeing as many women no longer have the choice not to work, where they once had no choice to do so. Therefore I think a valid and insightful point has been made here, even if I do disagree with a couple of minor suggestions within it. However, I would not sacrifice women’s right to an equal pay, all the effort they have put in, in order to prevent governments’ from raising taxes. Personally I’d rather fight for a world in which just politicians, who fight for good, are elected and governments will no longer turn a fight for freedom, into a financial opportunity.

      • I am so happy someone else gets it 🙂

        For me the epiphany came when I realised that although we seem to live in a patriarchal, male dominated world, most men are in truth……. slaves.

        For a start, all men are slaves to the state. Men work and then the state uses the threat or actual use of violence to steal half that man’s wages. If a man refuses to surrender half his wages to the state they might threaten him with fines and a court case. Eventually the state might send round other men in blue costumes (who are also slaves but who are employed by the state directly to act as thugs) to drag this man off and lock him in a cage for daring to disobey the state. And if the man defends himself against these other men they might even (legally) shoot him dead.

        Men (often mere teenagers) are also sent abroad by the state to fight illegal, genocidal wars of empire. They might get killed or have their legs blown off, and the horrors of being forced to kill other men, or women or children will leave most men with PTSD for life, for which they will receive little sympathy or understanding (let alone therapy) from society when they get back home. If that doesn’t also make men abused slaves I don’t know what would.

        Men are indoctrinated from birth to serve the state as cannon fodder, as paid thugs, as menial workers, as hierarchy climbers, as sleazy politicians ….. none of this represents freedom or dignity or free spirit or manhood. Men are encouraged to become obsessed with sports games which is just military indoctrination thinly disguised.

        The state has taken control of the economy, food production and distribution, trade, security, defence, education…. The state robs men of their role as men! And technology now means that machines do most of the ‘manly’ tasks now, leaving men powerless and useless. Part of the reason why so many men act like jerks is that they are just confused and are trying to fill this void where their power, responsibility and true identity used to be.

        Men may wield power, money and weapons but none of it belongs to them! It all belongs to the state. For centuries men have been beaten down. trained, deceived and exploited as cheap dumb labour by the state…

        … and now women have won the right to join them! LOL

        Now women get to work for bosses, and get to have have their earnings taken by force by the state, just like men! Women can now go and fight on the front line in illegal wars, just like men! Women even have their own women specific war propaganda. Yay!

        When women were at home running the household and RAISING THEIR CHILDREN FULL TIME they may have been unpaid but they were still doing work. And how much of that work served the needs (or helped to fund) the state? None.

        The family home is the only place the state cannot really control.

        This may be an unfashionable thing to say, but the secure, safe, loving family unit is the only real antidote to the state. Raising kids peacefully and refusing to act, as parents, like mini states of violence and authority over them is the only way we can break out of this pattern. A generation raised without violence or power games will grow up to see the state as something foreign, alien and ridiculous.

        On the other hand kids raised in daycare and state schools watching sports and Hollywood propaganda movies will grow up to be perfect citizens who fit into the violent hierarchy of the state.

        It’s up to us.

        This is why I have no time for (what has become of) feminism. I have no respect for women who bang on about the right to have fulfilling and ’empowering’ careers, even if that means putting their children into daycare when they can already afford to stay at home and raise them full time. That is beyond selfish, it is wilful neglect.

        This is what feminism has become: fitting in with and learning to compete with men in their patriarchal system of slavery.

        Where are the feminists screaming at the men to stop the genocide of children in countries like Iraq? Where are the feminists withholding sex from any man who works in the banking industry which has already raped Africa and is now busy destroying the western world? Where are the feminists who assert their right to raise their children themselves instead of give them up to daycare? Where are the feminists who refuse to send their children to state run indoctrination centres called ‘schools’ which are based on the Prussian system which was also used to create Nazi Germany?

        All I see is feminists busy shoehorning themselves into a sick society.

        This is why I am no a feminist. I want something better, something real.

        I want freedom! 🙂

  2. Good Lord, are you kidding me? Who says taxes wouldn’t have been increased to cover exorbitant government spending forcing us all into the workforce anyway. Or we can naively and shockingly assume it’s the fault of women.

    Now, why can’t this ‘crazy’ scenario play out the other way? The point is, we only need one member of the family working. Why can’t a man stay home and (God forbid) be RAISING HIS CHILDREN FULLTIME, while the woman gets dressed, leaves for work, has a rewarding career where she is challenged and feels valued, has a couple of drinks with her friends before heading home, brings home all of the money for the family and therefore wields all of the decision power at home (just like men in the old days), comes home to a nice home cooked meal, puts her feet up and has a cocktail? Maybe gets in a couple of rounds of golf with her buddies on the weekend – she’s entitled to it because she works so hard all week for the family. And if the man doesn’t like it, well that’s just too bad – he has to stay trapped in the marriage because he can’t earn an income of his own – just like the old days. In this scenario, why would a man need an education – they don’t need to go to university because they are not needed in the workforce.

    Oh wait, men can still be of value here; they now can take the kudos for withholding sex to fix the ailing banking industry. Give your head a shake.


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