Jeremy Hunt and the Case of the Rapidly Disappearing Tory/Liberal Cabinet

I’d like to apologise in advance for the fact that this is a) not my usual content and b) basically a rant about the government of my company.  

It makes me so angry that Jeremy Hunt’s special adviser Adam Smith had to resign today over the allegations regarding the Culture Secretary’s handling of the BSkyB takeover bid by News Corporation.  It is totally ridiculous that the buck has been basically passed to a man in a lower position, who has to give up his job as a result of what is probably someone else’s actions, and decisions.  If Smith has to go, Hunt has to go too.  Its just a matter of principle.  Hunt is Head of Department, he oversees everything, and if his department has made a mistake or has been interfering with this bid, influencing it towards Murdoch and News Corp, then guess whose fault that is? Oh yes, you’ve got it – Hunt’s.  He should resign and actually show that there is something vaguely similar to integrity left in the Conservative party.  The only reason he hasn’t been sacked yet, I’d imagine, is because the Tories are desperately trying to avoid losing yet another Cabinet minister. And let’s be fair – they do seem to go through a lot.  I refuse to believe that Hunt was completely unaware of what his adviser was doing, as Smith’s statement says, and if he was then he should be out on his ear anyway because clearly he’s far too thick to be in Cabinet.  Either way, he should go.  One MP said in Parliament, something along the lines of ‘when posh boys get in trouble, the sack the servants’, and I think he’s completely correct.  This is exactly what appears to have happened and it makes me so frustrated.  In what moral code is it right to push someone’s hand, for someone to be forced into resignation, just to cover up your own mistakes? It doesn’t sit right with me, and I’m pretty sure it won’t sit right with a lot of people.  Hunt should go. 


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