Plaster It On With Pride, Girls


Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t wear make up.  Don’t ever let anyone condemn you for doing so, don’t ever feel that you need to hide what you put on your face. Plaster yourself in it if you really want (but perhaps stop before you reach clown stage).  Because it is your choice. What you put on your face is your choice.  I detest people who criticize others for wearing make up; it’s hypocritical, irritating and judgmental. No one has the right to decide how another person should present themselves to the world, no one has the right to dictate what’s right and what’s wrong.  No one. So don’t ever let anyone pretend that they do.  Just ignore them with a smile, and don’t allow their judgmental ways to affect you, and the choices you make. And the same goes for the opposite.  Never criticize anyone for choosing not to wear make up.  Neither is right or wrong – everyone is entitled to feel good about how they look, however they go about it.

I would be willing to bet that if you were to ask the vast majority of the women in this country whether they supported women’s rights, whether they would consider themselves feminists, whether they believe in freedom for women, they would answer in the affirmative to all three. And yet so many women seem to criticize their friends or loved ones for putting on make up, rather than respecting their choice to wear it if they want.  The whole idea of feminism, at least in my view, is to give women the opportunity to make their own life choices, whether that’s choosing to work, choosing to stay at home and be a mum, choosing to go to university, or choosing to dress/look a certain way.  If we really support women’s freedom, surely we could start by supporting the choices made by those surrounding us?

This brings me to another point, and one I am most definitely guilty of myself, so please believe that by ranting about it, I’m ranting towards myself just as much as anyone else. We judge other women for wearing shorts skirts, for dressing in a supposedly ‘slutty way’, for really anything that we perceive as inappropriate or different.  And really, we need to lay off and keep our opinions to ourselves. Because everyone should have the right to feel beautiful, and to feel that they look beautiful and if that means dressing in a plastic bag, covering yourself head to toe, or by walking around with only the important parts covered, then so be it.  We’re all so busy bashing magazines and the media in general for promoting a certain body image, and pressurizing women into looking a certain way.  Well aren’t we all doing the same thing? All of us are pushing each other to look a certain way, to dress a certain way, to act a certain way.  And it’s insane.  We need to stop.  If we want freedom, equality, a better life for women, we have to start treating each other with respect.  We have to start looking out for each other, because only by treating each other as equals will we convince men to start treating us as equals.

Like I said, everyone should have the right to feel beautiful, in whichever way they choose.  And I’m going to try and work harder to make sure that everyone around me does.



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