Saying Thank You and Why It’s So Damn Important.

Tonight, I got the chance to say thank you to a teacher who had given me a whole lot of support, and so many opportunities in the last few years.   I was standing by our sound board, doing very little seeing as the only person performing was a 14 year old singer, and her ‘levels’ took little adjusting. So I had plenty of time to think.  And I realised that I was only standing next to that sound board because of a teacher who gave me the chance to start.  And because of the opportunity she gave me four years ago, to control the mikes at assembly, I was able to join Drama club, and do sound for them. Which meant a whole host of trips to Edinburgh, to Glasgow’s big theatres, to running 9 crappy mikes for a junior school production; an experience which was pretty much one of the most exhilarating I’ve had. It let to meeting so many people, and to getting told that at 15, the technicians at the theatre would happily offer me a job, had I been old enough. And then you get around to the subject that teacher actually taught – Physics. Now, Standard Grade Physics went fine.  I won the prize and walked happily into Higher, thinking that I was ready to meet the challenge. And I wasn’t.  I got a B. But she never stopped telling me that I could get an A, I could do it.  And in the end, she told me that she was as disappointed for me as I was, that she was so sorry, and that the trick was to build on what I had now, and to let life go on.  And she was so nice about the fact that I let her down.

A lot of people think she’s a cow.  And in the classroom, yes, yes she is. She’s straight forward and practical and is build like a bulldog, in personality.  But she’s also an amazing person and she teaches you a lot. And she’s done so much for me.  So tonight, I said thank you, for everything.  And she beamed.  And it felt amazing, to finally give something back, even if its just a few words.

Now I know this is cheesy, and believe me, I don’t really do this stuff a whole lot.  And I’m not suggesting anyone go out and give a sentimental speech to everyone in their life. That would be too much and it devalues the whole thing. All I’m saying, I suppose, is that saying ‘thank you’ to someone who had such an impact on your life, is definitely worth the effort.



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