Rest in Peace

Today, 26 people died in a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school, Connecticut. 20 of those people were children, between the ages of 5 and 10. 6 were adults, with 1 person injured, and hundreds of innocent children left traumatized.

This is yet another tragic example of the fact that in this world, there are some truly horrific and disgusting people. Only by standing together and fighting for justice can we have any hope of preventing events such as these from re-occurring. Regardless of your stance on whether or not US citizens should be allowed to bear arms, it cannot be denied that the law needs to change – these heinous crimes are committed too often. How many more people need to die before enough people are convinced that perhaps gun control is just a little lax?

RIP to the 26 who died today in this abominable tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers go with them, and with their families as they mourn the loss of their loved ones. I hope that this tremendous loss is one in from which at least a slight gleam of hope is born – we may not be able to save those who have been lost, but it is possible to learn from their untimely deaths and safeguard the children of future generations. So let’s make that change – we owe it to Connecticut. We owe it to everyone.



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