We Give A Damn

Go, watch, love, register, I beg of you.  Really incredible. 


Do You Give A Damn?


Let’s face it. If Gandalf says it’s okay, it’s okay.


Let's face it.  If Gandalf says it's okay, it's okay.

10 Reasons Gay Marriage Is Wrong…Or Not…..(Read description first)


Before any conclusions are jumped to, I think I should make it clear that this video is not a list of reasons why gay marriage is wrong. Such an atrocity would not make it within fifty feet of this blog. The creator’s intention is to refute the most common arguments made against gay marriage in a jokey, sarcastic kind of way. The video has sparked a flame war in the comments section, and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts? Are the creator’s intentions clear or is the criticism rained down upon her deserved?