I believe the commonly used phrase is ‘well jelz’?


Just a cute couple from the lovely world of Tumblr (source) to keep everyone happy and hopeful ūüôā

Do You Give A Damn?


In a Catholic country no less!

Just got back from Spain, where for, the first time, I saw a lesbian couple kissing in public (in Catholic country no less) with no attempt to hide their actions. Couldn’t help but be filled with hope at the sight.

Hope everyone is having a good summer.

Let’s face it. If Gandalf says it’s okay, it’s okay.


Let's face it.  If Gandalf says it's okay, it's okay.

That’s So Gay

Your friend cancels on you, she says she can’t come out tonight. ‘That’s so gay.’ ¬†Someone makes a cheesy comment, or a stupid one. ‘That’s so gay.’ You get a crappy test mark. ‘That’s so gay.’ ¬†I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that awkward or irritating moments enjoyed having sex with other moments of the same gender. ¬†I wasn’t even aware that moments HAD a gender, and I can’t even begin to imagine how they go about the act. ¬†Can you?

The casual use of the word ‘gay’ in a derogatory manner drives me crazy, it really does. ¬†It’s disrespectful, homophobic and a sure sign of ignorance. The English language is virtually immeasurable and there are a multitude of ¬†words within it which would fit the same context in which ‘gay’ is being used, and in fact, would be more effective in conveying the speaker’s message. Why use it? What’s the point? If the word ‘gay’ has any other meaning other than being an informal reference to homosexuality, it’s happiness. ¬†Maybe I’m a little dim, but wouldn’t that completely contradict what these ignorant people are trying to say?

Moving away from the fact that the word ‘gay’ is being¬†illogically used, there’s also the glaring issue of the stigma around homosexuality that this common phrase is helping to create. ¬†People who are gay, or are on any part of the sexual rainbow really, have it hard enough. ¬†They have to face homophobia and all kinds of discrimination, from an awful lot of people. ¬†And let’s not even get into the hatred radiating from virtually all religious groups. ¬†Do people really need to take the word ‘gay’ and make it a criticism, an insult? And it will become a way of tarring others, of insulting them. Few words are actually created in order to be insults. They become offensive words through society’s treatment of them. ¬†The word ‘spastic’ is a prime example. In my eyes, that’s what is happening to the word ‘gay’. ¬†It’s becoming a derogatory remark, and only adding to the idea that being gay is unacceptable and unnatural. ¬†An idea which is clearly false.

The worst part about this phrase is that, at least in my life, most people don’t even realize that they’re doing it, that they’re offending a substantial group of people. ¬†They say it casually, just off the tip of their tongue, and no one calls them up for it. ¬†To degrade homosexuality is totally acceptable, it appears. One girl actually tried to convince me that she wasn’t homophobic, while happily using the word ‘gay’ as an insult. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s a complete contradiction, because to use that phrase is to be homophobic. But it’s become ingrained into society, and because of that, it seems to be okay. ¬†Well, its not. ¬†Its no more okay than making a racist comment or joking about rape, and I can guarantee that if anyone did so, they would be torn to shreds by those surrounding them. It may only be a small phrase, a casual reference, but the use of the word ‘gay’ as an insult needs to stop. ¬†It has to, in order for those who are homosexual to be fully accepted into society as equals, with no stigma or prejudice.

‘That’s so gay’. A phrase we should fight to kick the hell out of our¬†vocabulary.