Callie and Arizona


Callie and Arizona

The kind of relationship displayed by Callie and Arizona on Grey’s Anatomy is what I want for my life. Most obviously, because they are in an open and accepted lesbian relationship, and one day, I’d love to have once of those. I’d love to be able to be with a woman, knowing I had the support of my friends, and that I need not fear abuse from those around me, as a result of such a relationship. And secondly, they just seem to have something amazing, and fun, and even when they run into obstacles, the pair seem to tackle those problems together. ‘Calzona’ just seem so in love, and so strong together, and yes I know its a tv programme and so obviously these relationships are at least a little unrealistic, but honestly, that’s still what I’m aiming for, that kind of relationship is my goal. I would love to find someone as perfect for me, as they are for each other.

Also, I find it pretty cool that Shonda Rhimes (writer of Grey’s Anatomy, for anyone who doesn’t watch it) has not only written a lesbian couple into her show, but actually demonstrates to people the way in which they should treat others who are anywhere on the ‘rainbow’ – just the same as they would anyone else. Although Callie’s parents have major issues with her new found sexuality, her mother in particular, in general, the folk of Seattle Grace Hospital seem pretty accepting of the pair. The fact that they are a gay couple is never an problem, and in actuality, is barely noted by other characters. I just think its amazing, and I love the fact that such a high profile show takes such a positive and inspiring attitude towards homosexuality.

So yeah, no prizes for guessing who my favourite tv couples is….