Matt Forney: The Case Against Female Self-Esteem

A friend pointed this out on my university’s Feminist Society facebook page.  Read it and weep. I find it incredible that this man has actually managed to have any kind of relationship with a woman – his views are quite frankly disgusting. 


I believe the commonly used phrase is ‘well jelz’?


Just a cute couple from the lovely world of Tumblr (source) to keep everyone happy and hopeful 🙂


God Bless Rookie

They have something for everyone.  This one really hits the spot for me – love, love love this article.  Seriously, just praise Rookie, all day, every day.  It is incredible.  


Never Be Afraid

The young ones,
Darling we’re the young ones,
And young ones shouldn’t be afraid.

To live, love
While the flame is strong,
for we won’t be the young ones very long.

Cliff Richards

I Demand The Independence Of Woman


I Demand The Independence Of Woman

In a Catholic country no less!

Just got back from Spain, where for, the first time, I saw a lesbian couple kissing in public (in Catholic country no less) with no attempt to hide their actions. Couldn’t help but be filled with hope at the sight.

Hope everyone is having a good summer.