7 States Down, 43 To Go

Fantastic to hear that gay marriage has been legalized in Washington state in the US in the last few days.  The state’s legislators have made their decision, and as long as the opponents to this motion don’t manage to drum enough support to overturn the law (let’s hope to God they don’t), then that leaves only another 43 states to legalize gay marriage.  Yes, this does seem like a great many, and frankly I find it shocking that the figure is still so high, but at least progress has been made.  Taking into account the fact that back in the 1940s, (really not that long ago, all things considered) homosexuality was an offence, and discussing it socially was taboo, I’d say that 7 states out of 43 now accepting gay marriage is pretty damn fantastic.

I feel very strongly about gay rights, particularly when it comes to marriage.  People like Kim Kardiashian are allowed to take the vows, and then change their minds within three months, in what was mostly likely a publicity stunt.  There’s probably a couple in Las Vegas right now, who met a few hours ago and are currently swearing to love each other for all eternity.  For some reason, this does not diminish the sanctity of marriage, but letting two people of the same-sex who may be in a committed and loving relationship will just about bring the whole damn world down in ruins.  It’s crazy, and more than a little daft.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying all same sex couples are god’s gift to Earth, and that every single one will marry and stay that way for the rest of their lives.  I’m also not saying that not a single heterosexual couple understands the real meaning and perhaps the level of commitment needed to sustain marriage.  There’s people who abuse marriage and people who honour it in all walks of life, in every sexual group.  We’re all flawed, and we’re all the same, and its because of those similarities that homosexual marriage should be legalized globally.  If one group is allowed to legally marry, as they wish, then the rest should too, because any flaws that a particular category of society has, regarding sexuality and relationships at least, are replicated amongst the others.  We are all equal, in my eyes at least.  And hopefully, one day the law will share the same vision as me.

For more information, please go to ‘Washington state lawmakers vote to legalise gay marriage’ (BBC News).